Shock Tower HDST series, HDST-150, -230, -300

Shock Tower HDST series HDST-150, HDST-230, HDST-230HS, HDST-300 High Speed Drop Shock Tester HDST is the best option in Shock Test Machine’s to ensure products such as smartphones, tablets, computers and other mobile devices are able to withstand shock. By applying high acceleration to computer parts, smart phones, tablets, laptops, cellular phones, and various mobile…


Shock Tower PDST-230M, PDST-230S

Compact and High performance shock test machine PDST-230 is a new mechanical based shock testing system in which the shock table is pulled-down mechanically, with compact built that is able to conduct mechanical shock test on to smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices. This new Shock Test Machine meets a wide range of requirements for…


Edge spreading system EPILiner BCS11

FUNCTION  The EPILiner edge spreading system comprises two spreader units, each of which has a three-finger roller arrangement. The two fixed rollers are always in contact with the cord, and the movable roller dips in in the edge area of the cord. The width of the cord can be controlled by varying the roller immersion…


Cloth guider KF 2020

FUNCTION With the ELTWIN cloth guiding systems, the web edge is scanned either mechanically by a sensor lever or without contact using optoelectronics. The sensor signal controls a diaphragm cylinder or a lifting magnet that presses the control roller against the counterpressure roller. The web edge is controlled by roller offset and contact pressure of…


Spreading system (wet and dry) LG 06

FUNCTION Guiding slats arranged around the circumference form the basis of the web guiding. In the basic version, the guiding slats are fixed to a guide plate so that they can be adjusted to the side via an actuating drive. In the case of segmented guiding slats, both guide plates are connected with a push…


Steering roller system SRA83

FUNCTION A roller arrangement comprising two or three web guiding rollers pivots around an imaginary pivoting point in the infeed plane immediately in front of the actuator. Immediate corrections are made via the lateral movement. The additional skewed positioning provides continuous correction of the running web. Here, there must be traction between the web and…


Pivoting frame system SPLITWEB

FUNCTION The E+L Split Web Guiding concept was developed to take advantage of the cost savings using the low cost end rolls in the corrugating process. The end rolls are usually recycled in the paper plant, because they are undersized for standard width production. The concept of Split Web utilizes these undersized rolls as medium,…


Pivoting frame system ELTRAC

FUNCTION The ELTRAC system ensures the exact alignment of medium and inner liner into the lamination process in the single facer. The integrated DR- Web Guider with high responsive proportional control aligns either both webs to a fixed point or one web according to the lateral position of the second web, which is not guided…


Bridge web guider CORRALIGNER

FUNCTION The CorrAligner is a fully automatic web guiding system for the corrugator bridge, installed before the web tension system and the preheater. Due to the geometrical frame construction, it operates as stabilisation, unlooping and web guiding device. According to experience the use of mechanical edge guides causes damage of the web edges and web…


XSCAN-Diecasting Series

Simple and Easy CT & 3D Rendering Software The problems of components’ quality, XAVIS CO., LTD willingly help for the issues. Die-casting, Automotive components, Best methods for industrial inspection Systems. 7600 Series 8000 Series Application Automotive Components Engine, Piston etc. Wheels Handles etc. Tyres etc. XSCAN-7600, 8000 Series includes optimized high performance and super precision Die-casting…


Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter LF-2000


● Equipped with wide screen LCD (trend graph)
● Flexible parameter configuration
● Various output port (analog x2, digital x1, contact x6)
● Wide measurement range
● No pressure loss
● Clamp-on type sensor
● Non-intrusive in liquid


System diagram