• Values from 1 pF to 10,000 µF in any custom value available
  • Stability as good as ±0.01 %/year
  • Two-to-five terminal configuration, depending on model
  • Excellent TC: as low as 10 ppm/°C
  • 3 year warranty included
  • Calibration accredited to ISO-17025 included
  • Mechanically stabilized capacitors
  • Calibrations available at standard or any custom frequency
  • Available in BNC and Binding Posts depending on value


The SCA Standard Capacitor series are highly stable cost-effective capacitance standards with low temperature coefficient, low losses and a wide range of values of 1 pF – 10,000 µF. The cost and flexibility make this our most popular capacitance standard.

From 1 pF to 10 pF, these are made from precision air capacitors. Up to 1 µF, the standard capacitors are constructed of fixed mica capacitors of very high stability for use as two- or three-terminal reference or working standards in the laboratory. Above 1 µF they are made with hermetically sealed polypropylene sulfide,

Typical capacitors, observed over decades, have shown random fluctuations of less than + 0.01% in measured capacitance with no evidence of systemic drift.


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